Ana Marwan

Ana Marwan (1980) was born in Murska Sobota, studied comparative literature in Ljubljana and romance studies in Vienna. Since 2005 she has lived as a freelance author in Vienna and writes short stories, novels and poems in German and Slovene. In 2023 she became co-publisher and chief editor of the Austrian literary magazine Literatur und Kritik. Her debut novel Der Kreis des Weberknechts (The Weavers Circle) was published in 2019 by Otto Müller Verlag. In 2022 she received the Ingeborg Bachmann Award. The awarded text was published the same year in a bilingual edition entitled Wechselkröte/Krota (Toad) (Beletrina). For her novel Zabubljena (Cocooned) (Beletrina, 2021) she won the Kritiško Sito Award for the best literary work of 2021. The novel was published in German by Otto Müller Verlag under the title Verpuppt in February 2023.

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