Manica K. Musil

Manica K. Musil (1974) was born in Ptuj and initially wanted to study the piano. She soon turned her attention to other areas, including architecture. After graduating, her first building won the international Grand Prix at the “Leonardo” competition for young architects in Minsk, 2005. She also won several prizes for her graphic works, and her designs have featured on 11 postage stamps from Slovenia. After the birth of her first child, she expanded her creativity and began writing stories and poems for young children. Between 2011 and 2022, she published 15 children’s books at various renowned Slovene publishing houses, also achieving widespread international recognition. Her most translated books include Slon Stane (Stan the Elephant) (Pivec, 2017), Lev Izidor (Robbie the Lion) (Pivec, 2021), Mravljičnar Franc (Franky the Anteater) (Pivec, 2019), Pobalinska pujsa (The Naughty Pigs) (Pivec, 2015) and Trije mucki in zmaj (Three Kittens and a Dragon) (Pivec, 2020). She has won numerous book and illustration prizes at book fairs around the world.

Manica K.
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