Miljana Cunta

Miljana Cunta is a poet, editor and translator, and the author of three collections of poetry Za pol neba, Pesmi dneva, and Svetloba od zunaj, and a number of accompanying texts and reflections on poetry. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Croatian, Italian, Macedonian, and German, and have been nominated for Slovenia's main poetry awards. She studied comparative literature and literary theory, and English language and literature at the University of Ljubljana. The poet Brane Senegačnik wrote of her poetry: "The patterns drawn by her landscapes of poetry are similar to patterns drawn by two lovers playing a game of hot and cold; we recognise fluid social motifs, observe paintings in galleries or on the seashore, or enter into the poet's – and thus our own – inner life. This poetry represents these landscapes: individual images, thoughts, and motifs seem to be the pure elements from which they emerge. Whether they are Greek islands, Roman squares, a landscape with birch trees, or a bedroom, they are always part of the same world that extends outwards and inwards. There is something muffled, unsettling, yet pure in the air: the openness of this world makes it real."

Foto: Matej Povše

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