History is Sometimes Written With a Spade

Participants: Roman Rozina, Vinko Möderndorfer
Moderator: Hanzi Filipič

Roman Rozina and Vinko Möderndorfer: Two great novels from the godforsaken backyard of Europe.

Vinko Möderndorfer and Roman Rozina are both award-winning Slovenian writers who have written extensive historical novels. The books are about remote places where, at first glance, very little happens, yet history is written there – a personal, familial one, but also reflecting the history of the Slovenes as a whole, who so often had to suffer under foreign rule, but never missed an opportunity to engage in conflict among themselves. Roman Rozina will present his novel Hundert Jahre Blindheit (Klett Cotta, 2023) and Vinko Möderndorfer his work Die andere Vergangenheit (Residenz Verlag, 2023), translated by Erwin Köstler. The discussion will be hosted by publisher Hanzi Filipič (Mohorjeva/Hermagoras).

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