Brane Senegačnik

Brane Senegačnik (1966) is a poet, essayist, translator, editor, and classical philologist. He is currently assistant professor at the Department of Classical Philology in Ljubljana. He has published several translations and critical editions from Greek, Latin and Renaissance literature. In addition to seven books of poetry – Srčni grb (Blazon of the Heart) (Aleph, 1991), Na temnem pragu upa (On the Dark Threshold of Hope) (Družina, 1996), Ptica iz črnih zvezd (Bird, Made of Black Stars) (Družina, 2001), Dvojni čas (Double Time) (Nova revija, 2003), Arie antiche (Družina, 2014), Tišine (Silences) (Celjska Mohorjeva, 2014), Pogovori z nikomer (Conversation with Nobody) (Slovenska matica, 2019) – he authored and co-authored several monographs on different subjects, including on Slovene culture in the so-called transition period and on the ontology of the lyric poem. His poetical texts were set to music by outstanding Slovenian classical composers of various generations. He won the Prešeren Fund Award for poetry (2021) and the Sovre Award for his translation of Seneca' s Oedipus (2012). He is also a literary editor.

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