Goran Vojnović

Goran Vojnović (1980), a film and TV director by training, is a screenwriter, writer and columnist. He is author of four novels that have been translated into more than twenty languages. His debut novel Čefurji raus! (Southern Scum Go Home!) (Beletrina, 2008) is one of the best-selling books of all time in Slovenia. For his second novel Jugoslavija, moja dežela (Yugoslavia, My Fatherland) (Beletrina, 2012) he received several international awards, among them also the prestigious Polish Angelus Award for best novel from Central Europe. His third novel Figa (The Fig Tree) (Beletrina) was published in 2016, and the sequel of his first novel, Đorđić se vrača (Đorđić is Back) (Beletrina, 2021). All four of his novels have been adapted to theatre plays and Vojnović himself directed a successful feature film based on his novel Čefurji raus! Last year he published a collection of autobiographical essays, Zbiralec strahov (Collector of Fears) (Goga, 2022), and a children’s book, Sinica in taščica (Bluetit and Robin) (Mladinska knjiga, 2022). He is also author of numerous theatre plays and had a regular column in the daily newspaper Dnevnik for over ten years.

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