Alenka Zupančič

Alenka Zupančič (1966) is a Slovene philosopher and social theorist, one of the prominent members of the so-called ‘Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis’. She works as Research councillor at the Institute of Philosophy, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovene Academy of Sciences in Ljubljana. She is also professor at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, and is invited as a guest lecturer to numerous universities worldwide. She is editor-in-chief of the Slovene journal Problemi and the book series Analecta (published by the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana) and, together with Slavoj Žižek and Mladen Dolar, editor of the book series Short Circuits at MIT Press. Notable for her work on the intersection of philosophy and psychoanalysis, she is the author of numerous articles and many books, including Etika realnega: Kant, Lacan (Ethics of the Real: Kant and Lacan) (Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, 1993); Najkrajša senca: Nietzschejeva teorija dvojega (The Shortest Shadow: Nietzsche's Philosophy of the Two) (Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, 2001); Poetika, druga knjiga (The Odd One In: On Comedy) (Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, 2004); Seksualno in ontologija (What is Sex?) (Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, 2011) and Pustila bi jih trohneti: Antigonina paralaksa (Let Them Rot: Antigone’s Parallax) (Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, 2022).

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