Jela Krečič

Jela Krečič (1979) is a philosopher and writer. She has pub- lished two novels, Ni druge (None Like Her) (Beletrina, 2015) and Knjiga drugih (The Book of Others) (Beletrina, 2018). The first has been translated into English and German. In her theoretical opus she focuses on aesthetics, contemporary art and popular culture. In her professional and scientific articles and editorial work for journals, she has also researched classic Hollywood comedy and TV series. She was co-editor of the anthology Lubitsch Can't Wait (Slovenska Kinoteka, 2014), dedicated to the American director of German descent Ernst Lubitsch – and the work was also published in an edition of the German magazine Neue Rundschau. Her monograph Zmote neprevaranih: od modernizma do Hollywooda (Delusions of the Undeceived: From Modernism to Hollywood) (Društvo za teoretsko psihoanalizo, 2020) looks at contemporary art and popular culture. She also edited the volume The Final Count- down: Europe, Refugees and the Left (IRWIN, 2017). She has in recent years been lecturing at the University of Ljubljana and is currently employed as a researcher on the ARRS Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency project.

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