Samira Kentrić

Samira Kentrić (1976) is the author of three graphic novels, an autobiographic novel about growing up during the time of transition Balkanalije (Balkanalia) (Beletrina, 2015), an engaging story about the fate of refugees making their way to the EU Pismo Adni (A Letter to Adna) (Beletrina, 2016), and a novel about finding one’s place in society after tragic events Adna (Mladinska knjiga, 2020). Beside her graphic novels, she creates articles, book covers and illustrations in which she blends public and political language with the intimacy of people's everyday life. In 2015 her book Balkanalije received the international publishers MGA Special Book Award. In 2019 the Bulgarian translation of Balkanalije was included in the annual Economy Sofia selection of 15 best books published in Bulgaria. In 2022 the German Academy for Children's and Youth Literature chose the German translation of Balkanalije as the YA book of the month and in 2023 the book trade magazine Börsenblatt included it in their list of 14 recommended books translated from Slovene. Last year her front cover design for the street newspaper Kralji ulice won the public’s choice award for Best Cover of the Year from the International Network of Street Papers.

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