My Neighbour on the Cloud (Hanser Verlag). Lyric Installation with Matthias Göritz and poets from Slovenia

Participants: Miljana Cunta, Aleš Šteger
Moderator: Matthias Göritz

Summary: Reading and opening of the Poetry Machine.

DescriptionThe Frankfurt Poetry Machine brings poems into the city, into our daily life – an easy way to get in touch with poetry. Matthias Göritz’ installation is filled with Slovenian poetry from the turn of the century until today. The poems are published in the anthology Mein Nachbar auf der Wolke (Hanser, 2023).
Opening: Live poetry reading with Miljana Cunta, Mathias Göritz and Aleš Šteger.
The Poetry Machine is accessible from 19 Oct 2023 until 27 Jan 2024 during the Library‘s opening hours.

Co-organisers: German Academy for Language and Literature, Hanser Verlag, Stadtbücherei Frankfurt - Zentralbibliothek

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