Reading: Drago Jancar: "Als die Welt entstand"

A story of growing up in times of upheaval: the great Slovenian narrator Drago Jančar on the contradictions of society in Maribor in the 1950s.

Danijel doesn't know who he should please: his father, who constantly celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany with his comrades from the Communist Fighters' League, or his mother, who sends him to religious instruction with the Capuchins in spite of everything? State-imposed pioneer oath there, Father Aloisius' profession of faith there.
Changes are announced when the young secretary Lena moves into the ground-floor flat and not only stimulates Danijel's imagination, but also puts the whole district into turmoil. Drago Jančar masterfully tells this story from Maribor at the end of the 1950s, which reflects the contradictions of Slovenian society after the Second World War.

Date: Thursday, 24.08.2023 at 8:00 pm

Venue: ORF Hör- und Seebühne Graz

Reading: Johannes Silberschneider

Music: Eva Plankton

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