Gašper Kralj

Gašper Kralj (1974) is a freelance writer and translator. He has been a committed activist, both in Slovenia and abroad in Mexico and Guatemala, where he also undertook field research for his doctoral dissertation in social anthropology, later published as a monograph Izginuli in vrnjeni (The Disappeared and the Returned) (Založba /*cf., 2008). While living in Catalonia for a few years, he translated authors writing in Spanish, researched literary fiction, and worked on his novel Rok trajanja (Expiry Date) (Založba /*cf., 2016), for which he was nominated for best debut novel and among the finalists for the Kresnik Award. For his second novel Škrbine (Stubs) (Založba /*cf., 2020), he won the 2021 Cankar Award for best original literary work and was shortlisted for the EU Prize for Literature (EUPL), and again became a finalist for the Kresnik Award. Along with co-translator Tina Malič he was nominated twice for the esAsi Award, for their translations of works by Javier Cercas and Eduardo Galeano.

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