Veronika Simoniti

Veronika Simoniti (1967) is the author of three short story collections Zasukane štorije (Twisted Stories) (LUD Literatura, 2005), Hudičev jezik (The Devil’s Tongue) (LUD Literatura, 2011) and in Fugato (Litera, 2019), as well as novels Kameno seme (Stone Seed) (Litera, 2014) and Ivana pred morjem (Ivana in front of the Sea) (Cankarjeva založba, 2019). Her works are often nominated for awards, and Ivana pred morjem won her the 2020 Kresnik Award for best novel. She also won prizes for her work in Italy, Premio Teramo in 2001, Premio della Consulta femminile di Trieste in 2013, Premio Letterario Milano International – Premio della Critica in 2022. Her stories have been translated into several languages and have been included in Slovene and foreign anthologies, (e.g. Best European Fiction 2016). The German translation Hudičev jezik was published in the Litterae slovenicae collection in 2017 and was reprinted in 2023 by the Frankfurt publishers Axel Dielmann Verlag. The novel Ivana pred morjem has also been translated into many languages. She is also editor of the bilingal blog for Slovene-Italian literary exchange, La casa di carta – Papirnata hiša (Paper House). She lives and works in Ljubljana.

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