Ana Pepelnik

Ana Pepelnik (1979) is a poet and translator. Her first collection of poetry, Ena od varijant kako ravnati s skrivnostjo (One of the Variants of How to Deal with a Secret) (LUD Literatura, 2007) was nominated for the Best Poetry Debut Award. Her second collection is entitled Utrip oranžnih luči na semaforjih (The Flashing of Orange at Traffic Lights) (LUD Literatura, 2009), her third Cela večnost (All Eternity) (LUD Literatura, 2013), followed by Pod vtisom (Under the Impression, (Lud Šerpa, 2015), Tehno (Techno) (Lud Šerpa, 2017), which was nominated for the Jenko and Veronika awards, and Treš (Trash) (Lud Šerpa, 2021), which also brought her a nomination for the Veronika Award. Her most recent collection is to se ne pove (you can’t say that) (LUD Literatura, 2023). As a poet she participated in the international project Metropoetica (under the tutorship of Welsh poet Zoë Skoulding). As a speaker she is part of the impro trio CPG Impro. As both poet and speaker, she collaborated with the Poetrix project, a sound product of musician and sound artists Jaka Berger – Brgs.

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